To start again. has gone through many different changes over the years. I started the project way back in 2000 as a personal site for reviewing Anime and Manga. It was mainly a way of testing the HTML skills that I was pickup up though college and personal learning. In 2004 I started a real effort, and moved away from geocities, to create a proper website. In 2005 I had, with the help of a close friend, a pretty much completed site1. It utilized basic HTML, PHP and MYSQL techniques to create a rudimentary CMS. Looking back I feel embarrassed because some of the content was very poorly written. But it was a start and I had passion.

However passion alone wasn’t going to get, or keep, readers and eventually the readers I did have started moving on. And with that I decided to close the site in 2006 and forget about it. After all why keep a site going if there is no one to read it?

Roll on 2010. 4 years have passed since I decided to close (I held the .com domain too). I was bored and wanted something to do. I had since discovered WordPress and the power the blogging engine held. I quickly had a site up and running which was more of a personal blog than anything else. I had a steady readership; I was writing more mature content and had less to worry about because WordPress was doing the hard work for me. However I kept getting bombarded with comments about focus. People wanted me to focus on one section. But what was this magical focus that people wanted?

I did retro gaming, which had one set of readers. I did Anime and Manga, which had another. I then did my own personal rants and views on stuff, which had another set of readers. And I was getting calls from all sides to make more content for their specific interest.

Eventually I got sick of it. I had become so conflicted about what I wanted and what other people wanted that it was making me feel ill. I was going through some stuff at home and I didn’t need a virtual headache adding to it all. So I semi closed the site. I moved some stuff to the WordPress main site and some I kept some as a backup on my own system. Then just virtually walked away.

And now it is back. I feel I am in a better position in my life to be able to spend time on a blog. I feel more confident in what I want from the site and what direction the site should go. So here it is (yet again) my blog back up and running. In the following months I play to add more sections to the site and if I can get the readership back up I may implement more social aspects into the site.

So hopefully things will all be back up and running soon. And I hope that you, my readers will continue to read and support the site as it grows.


  1. This is recovered from WayBack Machine