Having fun with FFXIV


I have played so many MMO’s over the years. I went through the WoW phase. Played it for a long time. Same with Eve Online. But I started feeling that both games had stopped been fun and started feeling more like a job rather than a game.

Final Fantasy XIV however doesn’t feel like this. The entire time that I have spent with the game I have enjoyed. It a nice game to relax with.

Gamerant.com: Are the Vita and Kinect Dead?


I somewhat dislike articles like this one. There is a lot of presumption that a particular system is “dead” based on very little, to no, information to suggest that this is indeed the case. Other than “Urgh, we “true” gamers aren’t interested in these devices so they be dead!”

While it is true that neither bits of tech have had very much love within the past year I would hardly say that either system qualified as been completely dead. Maybe living in a slowed pace but certainly not dead.

The trouble with the Vita is that Sony seems to have fucked up the marketing on the device. Every so often you will see flurry of TV adverts and magazine adverts for it. Then you will see nothing for a very long time.

The Kinect on the other hand seems to have been the victim of Microsoft and their “in your face” attitude to the device. Thrusting it upon gamers that weren’t really interested in the first place and saying that the XBOX One would be almost useless without it.

Both devices are very niche and will appeal to a small gaming market, in their current states. They both need developer backing in order to get the most out of them. Which, especially in the case of the Vita, does not revolve around rehashing previously available games with pointless device specific gimmicks and Addons.

I will not consider either dead until all developers pull support for them. However I will concede that maybe there is not enough life in them at present to keep people interested.

dualshockers.com: PS Vita 1000 OLED and Vita 2000 LCD Screen Difference Corrected by Japanese Developer Via Tint Filter


Personally I don’t know if this will make much difference to me. I looked at both versions of the Vita when I was purchasing them and I didn’t see much difference. Maybe people who are more aware of the differences will appreciate the new filters.

Some days….

I wish there was a great big “FUCK YOU” button on my keyboard that instantly exiles whatever is on the screen, or tweet, or Facebook status that I am looking at. I can only dream about such a device. But how it would be grand to have it.

Alternativley I suppose I could always just close whatever it is that is pissing me off and just walk away from it. That would be admitting defeat, though; wouldn’t it?

Invisible Gamer: Sony Sued Over Killzone’s Resolution


It’s news like this that brings a smile to my face. Simply because it is a somewhat ludicrous sounding case of gamer sour grapes.

While it good to see companies been pulled up over their use of exagerated capabilties within games, such as (in this case) advertising full native 1080p graphics when it in fact uses clever tricks to emulate this, it is a bit of a extreme to go sueing these comapnies. Especially big players like Sony that can quite easily just play the waiting game untill the plaintiff runs out of money.

I kind of hope the guy wins. However I hope more that these companies take note and realise that gamers will not tollerate been missled.