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So, a wiki….

I posted not so long back that I was busy with content for the site. The idea of a wiki was something that I had toyed with and was one of the reasons I had decided to start again. The idea of a wiki is not something I did lightly. In fact it is something that I know can’t be done easily and will take time and dedication to do. But it is something that I want to do.

What is the wiki about, you maybe wondering.

Simply put, the wiki is all about gaming on Commodore computers. From the early 8-bit computers right up to powerful Amiga computers. It is going to be pure gaming as there are already established wikis discussing hardware stuff. But even sticking to simply gaming is going to be a mammoth task. But it is one that I am looking forward to taking on. Also if people want to help along the way the wiki is open to all to edit. So long as you register.

Eh you want to know the name of the wiki?

Suppose it would be apt to call it the Commodore Gaming Wiki. ;)

More updates are to come once I get round to setting up more of the wiki. Hopefully this is the start of things to come.


0ribitalis Review


Platform: Windows (via Steam platform)
Release Date: April 16, 2014
Developer: Alan Zuccon

What is 0RBITALIS?

0RBITALIS allows players to explore the force which keeps the Universe together: Gravity. Its minimalistic aesthetic has been designed by subtraction, unravelling the beautifully complex art that lies within Newton’s laws. As a game, 0RBITALIS is indeed a novel and addictive experience, surely diverse from the majority of modern indie games. – From the official site

0RBITALIS is a physics based puzzler where you have two antagonists. Time and gravity. Just as you think you have mastery over one the other comes along and gives you a reminder that it is still ever-present. The main goal is to keep your launched satellite happily orbiting stellar objects until the timer runs out. However certain objects have their own gravitational pulls, or sometimes repulsion, that will cause the satellite to alter its trajectory and smash into other stellar objects on the screen. Or sometimes fly off into the great void. Knowing how different objects affect the trajectory of the satellite is key to keeping stable orbits, which can be kept indefinitely on some levels.

Graphically and audibly the game has a very understated aesthetic. The look of the game reminds me of some display you would see on a late 70′s to early 80′s sci-fi movie. Lots of subtle reds, blacks and greys that seem like they are projected onto a domed CRT monitor. The music also keeps to this subtle and subdued tone. Resonating in the background, acting to add to the overall atmosphere and not competing for attention.

0RBITALIS is an understated, brilliant bit of physics based puzzling. Alan Zucconi has done a wonderful job of crafting a game that will keep people entertained for hours, especially considering its Early Access status on Steam. However it has to be noted that while the game is brilliant some of the levels do just boil down to a case of trial and error. Even with the best laid out plans I have had to resort to random clicks round the level to complete them, such is the trouble when you deal with puzzles the rely on physics. While completing these levels have eventually proven to be rewarding they have still left me slightly annoyed at times. Not enough to hate the game; far from it, but certainly enough to make me groan with minor annoyance.

I do however wonder what the future holds for this game. While there is a mountain of replay value I do question whether the PC is the correct platform for this title. On the PC it might fall into obscurity in a forgotten corner of Steam. Yet on portable devices, especially mobile phones, I can see this having a bigger audience. Where it can be enjoyed as a distraction to the daily grind more easily. With it been an Early Access game there is potential to improve and grow. But only if people show enough interest.

0rbitalis is now available on Steam’s Early Access service for £2.79.

Update 15/5/14

Okay so time for an update. update::.
Content is coming. I posted last week that content is been made for the site. Although, admittedly, this is coming at a slower pace than I would like. Mostly down to stuff happening at home that I have had to deal with before anything else. It might sound like a poor excuse but it’s the honest truth.

I even missed the error where the Boxart Friday for last week didnt post as scheduled. I have looked into why it didn’t post and now made sure that it will for this Friday (16/5/14). So it should be all good.

I have got a steady stream of visitors. Some returning and some new. I am going to make more of a push to make use of social media to get my presence out there. I don’t think I am utilising service such as Twitter and Instagram as well as I could be. So I am going to look into that further.

.::Gaming updates::.
I got a Playstation Vita recently, for anyone that follows my Instagram will have seen. I have a few interesting J-RPG’s that I have been slowly playing through. I like the Vita but it really needs more developers to release stuff for it.

I have been playing Magic the Gathering a lot too. I vowed not to get into it but my local gaming shop got me hooked and I have had fun just messing with card combinations and learning about the mechanics. Having played the WoW TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh in the past I prefer Magic simply for how much more acessible it all feels. I don’t know if this is more down to the community I have found in my local area or if the game is actually easier to get into. Either way I am enjoying it more.

And that concludes this update. Not really much to say at the moment. Stuff is happening in its own time. I am getting through a backlog of stuff and getting it all cleared. Hopefully this is the start of better things to come.

Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer (AKA Kevin Spacey been a badass)

I have thought this for a while; Kevin Spacey knows how to deliver a speech.

In the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare we see Spacey giving his best “I am the right man for the job/I am going to take over this mother fucking world” speech. While been accompanied by a chorus of dramatic music, gratuitous next-gen graphics porn and spectacular triple A effects. It certainly looks the part in a world of next-gen shooters.

However I have not been a fan of the COD series since Modern Warfare 2. After I got completely sick of the constant aggro from friends to play at every waking moment and not a single game in the series since has left me with the want to play again. Even this release trailer still does nothing for me, with all its Spacey goodness, at present.

Fans of the series will no doubt be excited about this upcoming release (and next-gen early adopters will also be looking forward to the new release to show off the prowess of their purchases). I will hold judgement until I see gameplay videos before committing to a purchase.

The game will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in or around November 2014.


Content is coming. Slowly…..

I have not suddenly given up on Far from it. But I have been busy with work and life commitments meaning that I have not been able to pour as much effort into the site.

So what is coming then?

At the moment I am working on some reviews. Got a shiny new Playstation Vita with some interesting games. My steam library is bulging with games. All meaning I have a good repository to work from. I have been also acquiring some new retro titles. Including some titles I have wanted to play for years but never got round to playing.

With reviews come the decision on how to present them. I am looking at maybe setting up a new sub domain on the site to handle reviews. This keeps the reviews in their own area but also bring the headache of how to tie everything in.

Another section I have thought about is a wiki style section for retro gaming along with a forum. But this won’t be practical until I have more readers.

So it is all systems go still for the site. I might not have done much content as of late but I have worked on the site still.

On another note.

The Box Art Friday posts seems to getting a steady stream of readers. I have put enough posts on a scheduled release to last a few months. Put some interesting art up from various systems. Should be fun to see people’s reactions to some of them.

Anyway time to get back to work. Talk to you all soon.